My work explores concepts of color and shape. It’s a process that makes an attempt to escape from what is figuratively correct in art through a constant search to express the right feelings through color. Some are more evident on first sight, others arise while observing the piece longer.

My objective is to create paintings that invite you up close and speak to your ear where everything is clearer. My intention is that the color forms convey movement, joy, desire to see beyond the content and what is immediately visible.

The power of what is visual is consciously captured in my paintings, the use of space and shapes are in the nature of the paintings themselves.

Since childhood, Vincent Van Gogh’s palette made a huge impact in my life. Similarly, I’ve never been able to divorce from Gaugin’s lines and though I must confess that my taste for Picasso’s shapes and Bacon’s deformity have inspired me, sitting down to draw my colored shapes take me to a one way journey where colors and lines mix to produce beauty in motion.