The Artist

Leonardo Moleiro

Has developed his artistic career while maintaining a permanent residence in the world of advertising for over 21 years as an art director and creative.

A visual artist by profession, but first-and-foremost Leonardo uses art as a form of expression; a means of communicating creative concepts via a canvas. Whether an idea or message with the intent to stir emotion deep within, or simply something beautiful to be admired, he sets out to transmit these through colors and shapes. The things that perplex and amaze us, give us something to think or speak about, figures and ideas that stay painted in our memory. Thifs is his art’s purpose.

Born on June 1st, 1972 in Caracas, Venezuela, Leonardo took an interest in music and plastic arts when he was just a small boy. Following his lifelong passion for the arts, he decided to pursue a career in advertising and began his studies in art, graphic design, advertising and sociology.

He jumpstarted his profession at a young age with DDB Worldwide Venezuela where he grew as an art director and then went on to form part of Leo Burnette Worldwide. His professional career has spanned Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela and the US.

He has obtained awards and international acclaim in both the art and advertising fields. Currently he resides in Miami, Florida U.S.A